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Our Services

GOLDEN SCEPTER Nigeria Limited recognizes that an organization's data is amongst its most valuable assets and that good security and accessibility are paramount. We;

Pack, collect, store, retrieve and return documents and where required,

Provide secured confidential destruction of documents

Source archive boxes as specified by the customers. The documents will be labeled and uniquely referenced by GOLDEN SCEPTER to allow quick and easy retrieval.

Provide steel shelve for record archives

In the nearest future we would be providing archival space in a well secured standard warehouse specifically designed for records archive with appropriate fire protection, proper aeration and adequate security.

Record digitalization is not a direct substitute to a well organized physical archive; rather both are complementary and important for time savings and good reputations. Regulatory bodies, monitoring agencies and some judicial proceedings often demanded for original documents in spite of provision of digital or scanned copies. Golden Scepter decided to proffer solutions to these teething problems both at the levels of physical re-arrangement of archive records, later at the level of electronic filing and in the future to provide archival warehousing spaces to be fully managed by our company for organization in need of such services.